Flower Essences


Dr Edward Bach was born in 1886 and became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians, a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science.  He was awarded the Cambridge Diploma in Public Health.


He was ahead of his time in understanding how emotional states might lead to physical illness if left untreated so when he discovered how various plants and trees affected his thoughts and feelings flower essences became his life's work.


For each emotional state he discovered a tree or flower whose essence contains this state and also its opposite.  He discovered that by using the relevant essence he could produce the positive state required to counteract the existing negative state and so balance the emotions.  In this way flower essences can help to treat and prevent physical illness.


He identified 38 different essences or remedies which he grouped into seven emotional categories  and spent the last years of his life trying to make this system of natural medicine universally available.


The essences are taken by putting a couple of drops in water and drinking them.


If you are interested I am able to make up little phials of individual essences

for you to carry around with you to take when required.

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